Your Options

1. Carry & Parent

Parenting may sound impossible to you right now. And, depending on your circumstances, that thought is completely understandable. We will discuss all your concerns with you and help you find solutions. We have resources to aid you through these challenges throughout pregnancy and parenthood. We care about you, and we are here to help.

2. Carry & Place for Adoption

If you do not feel ready to parent, but want to secure a future for your baby, this is an option for you. We are not an adoption agency, nor do we benefit from your child being placed for adoption. But we can provide general information on the adoption process and present you options of local agencies to contact. They will help you decide which adoption plan works best for you. If you choose this path, we will continue to empower and equip you throughout your pregnancy.  

3.  Abortion Education

If you are considering abortion, we are here to help you understand the abortion process, confirm your pregnancy with a medical test, measure how far along you are with an ultrasound, and provide you with accurate information on the risks of undergoing an abortion. Note: It is VITAL to your safety that you receive an ultrasound to measure how far along you are before taking the abortion pill. We provide limited OB ultrasounds free of cost.

Come in for a free consultation so that you are completely informed. Though we do not refer or provide abortions, all of our consultations are compassionate, confidential, and non judgemental.