Our Services

Free Medical Grade Pregnancy Tests

If you have had sex — protected or unprotected — and think that you may be pregnant, a pregnancy test is the first step to find out.

A good next step is to get your free, confidential, medical grade pregnancy test at our center to confirm if you are pregnant.

Free Ultrasounds

We offer FREE ultrasounds to:

1. Confirm your Pregnancy

2. Determine Viability

3. Measure How Far Along you are (Gestational Age)

Ultrasounds are performed by appointment with one of our nurses after your initial intake appointment and medical grade pregnancy test is complete.  Please call us to schedule your appointment. 

*If you are considering taking the abortion pill, it is VITAL for your safety that you receive an ultrasound to measure gestational age and location of your pregnancy. 

Free Options Counseling

If your pregnancy is confirmed, we are here to walk you through all of your pregnancy options. It is vital for you to know the risks and rewards of every option before making a permanent decision. Our compassionate advocates are available for confidential and nonjudgmental conversations with you. We are committed to listening to your concerns, providing you with accurate information and equipping you with resources to make the best decision for you. 

Free Education & Material Assistance

Appointments will consist of mentorship + prenatal or parenting education. We can teach you the basic fundamentals of parenting — from pregnancy to childbirth and through child development. We are happy to help you with diapers, wipes, bottles, formula and more while you are part of our “learn to earn” program. For every appointment you attend, you will get to shop for 5 free items in our Baby Boutique. Our boutique is stocked with all sizes of baby clothes, baby food, blankets, and much more. Baby Bundles 

Educational Classes

Group classes are held at the center regularly by our health professionals or other professionals of the subject matter. We post upcoming classes on social media and the group classes tab of this website.  All are welcome to attend!
  • Childbirth 
  • Lactation 
  • Budgeting
  • Healthy Nutrition/Cooking
  • Newborn Nutrition, Baby Temperatures, Car Seat Safety
  • Mental Health & Self Care for Moms
  • Postpartum Mental Health
  • Vision / Goal Board Workshop
  • And much more!

Men’s Mentorship Program

Men are sometimes overlooked when it comes to pregnancy, but they should not be. We have a fatherhood program just for you. Our one on one male mentors would be happy to meet with you! We’ll teach you parenting skills so that you can be a great dad, offer relationship guidance, and help you understand how important your role is in the life of the mother and the child. Let us know you will be attending your partner’s intake appointment or Ultrasound and we will have a male mentor there to connect with you. 

Free Community Assistance Referrals

Sometimes you need more than just resources specific to your situation, and we understand that. Other local organizations have partnered with us to help provide you with medical care, WIC, mental health services, job connections and training, addiction help, housing assistance and other services you may need.



Professional Counseling

*Low Cost*

For women who may need deeper counseling to improve their mental health or life circumstances, we offer low cost in house professional counseling with Beth Arnold, pictured right. After 25 years of lay counseling and work in educational fields, Beth received her Masters of Arts in Pastoral Counseling; Life Coaching in 2019 and began her practice. 

Beth, a mom of 6 and a trauma survivor, she has the experience, training and heart to empathize with what you may be going through. You must be a client with us to benefit from this serivice, but we are more than happy to support you and your mental health in this way!

*This is the only service charged for, and all funds go directly to Beth.

Recovery Groups