For Men

Meet one of our Male Coaches . You do not have to do this alone.

Could she be pregnant?

You are not alone. And, just as importantly, she shouldn’t be alone. You can help each other get through this situation. Work together and be there for her emotionally and physically. We offer male one on one mentorship in addition to offering pregnancy and parenting education for singles and couples. Call us today so we can evaluate your needs!

Here’s what you can do.

  • Be there for her through this. Don’t forget, you’re an equal part of this situation. Make sure she knows she is not alone, but that you are there to support her. 
  • Offer to help her talk with the other important people in her life about it.
  • Help each other through your worries & fears. One way to do this is to come with her to FCC, where you will be walked through options counseling.  It will mean a lot to her that you are making an effort and you’ll feel better once you are educated on options & pregnancy.

Our other Programs

In addition to mentorship, we also offer pre-natal and parenting and lifestyle education for couples via Bright Course curriculum and expert led group classes. Our full list of services can be found under our “Free Services” tab. All of our services are free & confidential. Click the “Contact Us” tab to get involved!