Abortion Recovery

A bi-weekly A Time to Heal Support Group for women.

Women who have suffered loss through abortion meets every other Tuesday from 6-8pm. The Forgiven and Set Free Bible Study is held twice a year for ten weeks. Contact Susan Lombardo by emailing her at susan@foothillscarecenter.org  or calling our Seneca location if you are interested.

FREE – Finding Freedom and Healing from Your Sexual Past

Sex is like glue……super human glue.

Inside marriage, God designed it to be a bond that is powerful and unifying. Outside of marriage the bonds of sex can be devastating. Long after the lover has gone, the bond we’ve created stays with us impacting our lives and future relationships in a negative way. 

Whether from our own choices, or other’s choices forced on us as in abuse or rape, sex from the past can haunt the present. Sabotaged relationships, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, an empty spiritual life. Sex will bind you up and tie you down. Why? It’s just sex.  But “Just Sex” means your body, soul, mind and spirit have become one with another. 


This 12 week study will show scientific research and scriptural insights about what sexual bonding is, why it is harmful, and how to move freely into your future. Through each chapter you will be able to heal from experiences and relationships in your past by: experiencing God’s forgiveness, forgiving others and yourself, repairing the wounds you’ve accumulated, exposing your lies with God’s truth, grieving your losses and breaking the sexual bonds you’ve created outside marriage. 

This Group study is offered twice a year (Fall and Spring) at our Seneca location. Please call FCC to find out the next available time. The group classes have great impact for you are with others who have walked down that same path. You will have nothing but love, support and no judgement and of course confidentiality. 


Do you think you might be pregnant?

If you think you might be preganant and you need someone to talk to, please call us. Our team is here to help and inform you.