Our Staff

Dr. Cheryl Kubacz

Executive Director, 2018-present

Email: cheryl@foothillscarecenter.org

Cheryl Kubacz is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Exercise Physiology. She has spent her years as a practitioner focused on women’s health and prevention of disease. Cheryl is passionate about participating in life transformation by empowering others through the light and love of Jesus Christ.

She is married to Darol Kubacz and together they have their beloved adopted son Josiah and fur baby Rosco. Cheryl has been at FCC since November 2018. Cheryl uses her passion and expertise in preventative medicine to propel the mission of FCC by not merely addressing unplanned pregnancies, but by getting to the root of family dysfunction to help “families become united and thrive the way God intended.” Cheryl says that at FCC, “we love and support men, women and children in order to help them live an abundant life.”

Delaine Rogers

Executive Assistant, on staff 2011-present

Email: delaine@foothillscarecenter.org

Delaine Rogers has the gift of compassion and the ability to speak truth in love to people who need encouragement. She has been an integral part of FCC since 2011. As our longest-serving staff member, Delaine has held several positions within Foothills and is now the Assistant Executive Director. 

Delaine is married to Carl Rogers and has four children. Delaine says that “people should come to FCC because we truly care about them and want to serve them, love them, educate them and see them grow and flourish.”

Delaine understands how it feels to have an unplanned pregnancy, and she uses her story to inspire others now at FCC. “I am so thankful that I didn’t choose to abort my child and for the saving grace and mercy of God. He rescued me from myself and once I found my identity in Him, life began to make sense. Jesus transformed my heart and can do that for anyone.”

Susan Lombardo

Office Manager, on staff 2014-present

Email susan@foothillscarecenter.org

Susan Lombardo came out of an office administration and fitness background to FCC in 2014. She leads A Time to Heal, a recovery group for those hurting from the effects of abortion, miscarriage, and other child loss.  Susan has a compassionate heart for people who are hurting & she brings comfort, laughter, truth & guidance to women & girls who feel lost & broken.

Susan got into this work from her own experiences with unplanned pregnancy & abortion. She says “I also want to help women make decisions not based on fear and worry but with true knowledge about abortion and how that decision has lasting affects on a persons life afterwards.” She wants “to see families be restored, men and women to see their value as God sees them, & for babies not only be saved, but born into God filled homes.”

Susan is married to Graham Lombardo and has one child, her beloved daughter Gianna. 

Ashley Shick, RN

Nurse Manager & Jail Ministry Advocate, 2015-present

Email: ashley@foothillscarecenter.org

Ashley Shick brings a three-fold set of qualifications to Foothills: Nursing skills, a passion to serve families, and a love for Jesus. She cares for others in tangible ways and never passes up an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. Ashley has been with FCC since 2015 and has been a crucial part of our expansion into a more medically-focused mission. She also loves our mobile jail ministry that she & Beverly lead, weekly visiting inmates at the Oconee & Pickens County jails for discipleship, relationship building (& pregnancy help when needed.) She is inspired by the life transformations that have happened to women just by us consistently showing up loving them & encouraging them.  

She is married to Adam Shick and has three children and two grandchildren.

Abby Keehn

Volunteer & Development Administrator, involved since 2014

Email: abby@foothillscarecenter.org


Abby Keehn started as a volunteer at FCC in 2014, serving as a receptionist and data entry administrator.  She became an Accounting Intern for FCC in 2018 and assisted in handling the financial transaction processing and reporting for two years. In 2020, Abby followed God’s call to become the Volunteer & Outreach Administrator for FCC.

To get involved as a volunteer, you can see our volunteer opportunities & application tab under the “get involved” tab.

Abby is the third of eleven children! She has a love for engaging with people. Her wish is that all the people who come to FCC “may be equipped to live an abundant life, filled to the full with all the joy, peace, and blessings of God.”

Alyssa Cameli

Client Care Coordinator 2021 – present, Intern 2019

Email: alyssa@foothillscarecenter.org

Alyssa is our new Client Care Coordinator. She graduated from Southern Wesleyan University in 2020, with a degree in Psychology and concentration in human services & counseling and a minor in history. 

Alyssa got involved at FCC first as an intern in 2019, and then she came back as our Client Care Coordinator in 2021!   She leads Bible studies, orchastrates group classes and oversees client care at our center. Alyssa has a heart for helping women find their identity in Christ. We are blessed to have her on our team.


Jennifer Moss

Community Outreach Director 2021-present

Email: jennifer@foothillscarecenter.org

Jennifer is our new director of community outreach! She and her husband Pastor Chris have been community supporters of FCC for around 8 years. They have been in ministry for ten years and have been serving at Corinth Baptist Westminster for 6 of those.  Jen was born and raised in Seneca, SC, but she and her husband spent time in Louisville, Kentucky for seminary. She and Chris have four sons together. Jen graduated from TriCounty Technical College & has worked in teaching & ministry throughout her life. 

When asked what she hopes for for the women and families who come to FCC, Jen says: “I hope that each one who enters our building sees that Jesus loves them right where they are. I hope they know that they are no longer alone in their situation, but that they have a new family here who is willing to get in the mess with them and help them to see more clearly how God is working even there.”


Jail & Homeless Ministry Coordinator 

Email: beverly@foothillscarecenter.org

Beverly has been on staff at FCC for about 9 months, but she has been involved for more than 5 years. She became involved with FCC through their jail ministry while she was working as an officer at the Oconee County Detention Center. Along with other members of staff, she visits the jails & the homeless community on the Seneca “mill hill” every single week. Bev’s infectious laughter, positivity & love for Jesus & other people makes her a bright light everywhere she goes. 

She has lived in Oconee County her whole life. She is married and has 2 children.  To Beverly, “people should come to FCC because they will meet people who love Jesus and love people right where they are.” This is the cornerstone of Beverly’s interactions with women at the detention center & on the mill hill, & her heart is to make others feel & know the love of Christ no matter where they are or what they have done. 

Celeste Marchant

Communications Specialist & Small Events Coordinator

Email: celeste@foothillscarecenter.org


Celeste Marchant is a new addition to the FCC team. She was an intern this summer and is now the communications specialist & small events coordinator. “I am so happy to be on board with such a wonderful team of women. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.” She graduated from Clemson University in 2021 with a degree in Sociology (emphasis on social services) and a minor in Nonprofit Leadership. She has a background in nonprofit work, interning & serving as an Americorps Vista for Camp Happy Days summer of 2019 & summer of 2020. She is passionate about learning, helping the team & serving others with all of her abilities. 

“Hi! My name is Celeste. I am from Charleston, SC, & I love nature, singing, dancing, yoga, and being with loved ones. I hope to make a difference in people’s lives by showing them the love of Christ in every situation.”

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